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Masks Off – Literally and Figuratively for the Democrats as they Officially Surrender on Covid.

With the latest CDC announcement on mask wearing going to the honor system it officially marks my long predicted surrender by Democrats on reaching herd immunity without really trying to get there. The Democrats might not be saying it right now, but make no mistake that they are admitting we are going to just have to live with Covid & booster shots for generations until humans finally are immune enough that it becomes another flu.

I always said the Democrats would give us one check, a chance at taking a vaccine and that was it. Go back to work. I will never understand how people let the media and a warm smile trick them into thinking somebody like Joe Biden would do the right thing when facts clearly show otherwise. Obviously I had hoped, like everyone, that the Democrats would have handled the pandemic with some type of compassion or competence, but the facts speak for themselves. No, this isn’t a defense of Republicans who were also awful, but that is exactly what you would expect. Democrats said they would be better and they were the same or worse in all instances.

From the moment Joe Biden won the election the Democrats from have been moving to end Covid restrictions completely. Biden wanted to open schools before the vaccine was even distributed, before he was even in office so his billionaire donors would have their cheap labor to exploit again.

Remember all the op-eds and news segments about childhood depression seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly it was MANDATORY to get those schools open? Trump and the Republicans could have never done this without the media’s backing. They tried and failed. Democrats get in power and all of the sudden the media is covering nothing but teenager angst stories 24/7. The truth is the business owners need the parents back at work and that is why they are so adamant to open schools before teachers had vaccinations.

I realize by now my messages are probably filled with hate mail from all the MSNBC and CNN viewers who are hyperventilating about the vaccine rollout. Ok, lets discuss it. I’m assuming you want to give Biden credit for the awful vaccine rollout that had no national system to make it work and would have been identical under Trump? Had Trump won reelection and not spent his last two months singularly focused on trying to overturn the election I have no doubt, just like Joe Biden’s rollout it would have been equally slow, disorganized and without any plan at all to get the hesitant vaccinated (or even understanding why there would be so many hesitant). If you wanted the vaccine, you had to search, call around, wait until you could hopefully find it.

As for the people who haven’t gotten one and have no intention? The Biden administration has no plan, nor interest it appears, to reach them. If you consume corporate news, I’m sure you think this has been tremendous, but anyone who is being honest knows this was a failed, convoluted rollout that didn’t get enough people vaccinated and probably made people more scared about the vaccine than they originally were by featuring creepy, megalomaniac, perverts like Bill Gates to promote it, instead of doing simple incentives that would have worked.

Had Joe Biden and the Democrats truly cared about herd immunity, and not forcing people back to work for as cheap as possible, he would have done a cash incentive. What is happening in Ohio is a gimmick, but it is better than nothing. It will absolutely move the needle, no pun intended. I had someone ask me if you needed to be an Ohio resident because he and his wife might get one there if not. Had Biden and the Democrats gave everyone who got vaccinated the remaining $600 they stiffed us on we would be at herd immunity by now, or at least by 4th of July. Or imagine the lines if 100 people in each state got 1 million dollars during live drawings? That would cost 5 billion dollars, which would be a rounding error in the relief bill and half of what they spent on vaccine distribution and promotion, but magnitudes more effective. Clearly there are easy incentives to get people lined up around buildings for vaccines, but not ways to funnel billions of kickbacks to their corporate donors, while also keeping the labor force poor and willing to be exploited.

Now we are just going to pretend like everything is back to normal by the 4th of July. Just like the CDC and Democrats are going to pretend that unvaccinated people will follow the honor code since they are such upstanding people who care about others. The Blue MAGA voters and media will initially protest but realize that the Democrats don’t care at all about their opinions and quickly fall in line. Soon they will profess the great Joe Biden, after slaying fascism just months before, has now defeated Covid, even as neither shows any signs of going away. 

Had the Democrats had complete power from the beginning of the pandemic back when Cuomo, Pelosi and Democrats were telling everyone to go shop, dine out and support local businesses we wouldn’t have even had a shutdown or stimulus. This has always been their corporate aligned mindset since Bill Clinton. Only when the Republicans outflanked them on humanity did they realize politically they had to pretend to be the party of science and outflank the Republicans for election purposes as it became clear that the public was not with the Pelosi/Cuomo “keep shopping, but safely” message.

Even with that, as a party they didn’t put up a fight for any stimulus as the 2020 Covid summer rolled on. The Democrats simply got lucky they were going up against the biggest imbecile of all time in Donald Trump. How easy Trump would have won reelection in a landslide by just paying everyone 2k a month for 3 or 4 months, reopening in the fall and handled it like a sane person, but instead he went full on Q/anti-masker and of course he lost. Democrats simply got lucky that Covid hit when it did. Democrats were always against the shutdown and stimulus checks, but they switched their messaging for political reasons. They never really believed it, but rode it to victory and that is why we are here now.  

Thanks to this insane decision the CDC has basically guaranteed that the people wearing masks this summer will be vaccinated and the people not wearing masks are most likely not vaccinated. Completely upside down, but when you live in a greed driven society, that is the obvious outcome. Even the Biden loving New York Times claims this decision is against the wishes of a vast majority of experts. My guess is none of those experts ran a Fortune 500 business, and those are the only experts the Democrats listen to or care about.

The “relief” package was more relief for special interests and business, but not so much for anyone else. Do you think the Democrats gave us less money than the Republicans because they wanted us to stay safe at home? How much of that relief went to you and how much went to special interests? Remember “immediately getting those checks out the door” turned into months? Despite what ridiculous stuff Democrats will tell you, those could have been cut in a week. The idea was always to delay it as long as possible so the vaccine would be rolling out so then they would only have to give us one check before they told the CDC to open it all back up. Masks off literally and figuratively for the Democrats. I remember people incredulously telling me that we could push Biden to do monthly checks and that I was being pessimistic… No, I was just being realistic. It is amazing what some will believe when 70 years of history is staring them in the face.

I maintained from the beginning had Covid happened under a Democratic administration, it would have been lots of masks, hand sanitizers, and possibly a ban on mass gatherings. Work and school, however, would have never, ever, ever been halted under the Democrats. That is the best case scenario. They probably wouldn’t have recommended suspending mass gatherings if we are being honest.

Hard to argue that when the CDC director is conceding their new rule are dangerous for millions of people, but just consult your doctor, not realizing or caring that their doctor has no idea about this disease or vaccine either and are using the CDC guidelines also. Essentially they are just being sacrificed to their corporate donors. The Democrats would have pushed on with the “keep shopping, but safely”, messaging Pelosi and Cuomo were using last March. Don’t kid yourself. Just like in 2009, the bailout would have been 100% for Wall St, instead of 95% for Wall St that the Republicans did, where they gave us scraps, forcing the Democrats to meagerly cut us a check too when they got in power.

Watching the CDC being yanked around like a puppet is tragic and downright ominous for the future of society. It really can’t be understated. If the people who actually believe in science now don’t trust the CDC now we are in deep trouble trying to get out of this pandemic. One of the very last institutions that the American people had trust in has now been poisoned by the psychotic, greedy billionaire class and the corrupt politicians who represent them.

People aren’t stupid. We all know the CDC is wrong on common sense even if the science is supposedly there, which is dubious too. The people who aren’t getting the vaccine, were never wearing a mask and they aren’t going to start now. If I felt everybody at a concert or sporting event or restaurant was vaccinated, I would go, but I know they aren’t so I won’t go. This is why you were expecting a ridiculous 1 million jobs when the fully vaccinated rate is around 40% right now. How out of touch are these people to think everyone is so desperate to die for some greedy billionaire’s quarterly profit with 60% of the population umasked and unvaccinated? The pandemic is still mutating and killing. You have too many people who will not get vaccinated, not to mention all children who can’t, which is going to continue to paralyze the economy.

Like all things our incompetent leaders do, this will also backfire. These comments about winning the war on Covid are going to be relived for decades, like Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. I promise, Covid isn’t going anywhere. You know that too, despite what the media and Democrats are desperately trying to sell you. They just want to open up the economy, no matter what and give a phony apology later where they will no doubt blame the Republicans and Russia for contributing to their gross malpractice of how they botched Covid. Just like they continue to blame the GOP for their 2009 Wall St bailout or why we still don’t have the 13 year promised public option.

I wish I could say I was surprised by how the Democrats have basically said “here is your vaccine, now we are open” but I’m not. This is the kind of behavior that will explode the virus, stall the economy and get a real fascist elected in 2024. The Democrats gave us Trump by ignoring our pleas inn 2009 and they clearly haven’t learned a thing or they just don’t care. Big business is driving their party, demands or reality be damned.

The Ruling Class Attemps to Keep Their Brutal Chokehold on Essential Workers is Failing.

A year ago, from the protected confines of their gated mansions, the wealthy found themselves cheering on essential heroes, the people they had previously referred to as low skilled workers, as they literally died to keep the wealthy’s food and Amazon packaged delivered without delay. A year later they are trying to cut the little aid they have to make them go back to starvation wages to serve their whims.

How much did we listen to the corporate media drone on and on in their phony piousness about how all the poor, desperate people dying in the pandemic were “heroes” only to now spend all day bringing on extremists like John Kasich to spew his hate about how a $15 minimum wage is far too generous. Turn the channel and watch a panel of millionaires on Morning Joe who sincerely argue that the miniscule aid the poor have received should be revoked so their “heroes” can get back to working their miserable, starvation wage job.

The good news is the people aren’t buying it. As one cheap business owner after another proudly goes on tv to proclaim he pays less than welfare it only exposes the reality of what life really is like for most people. I realize the millionaires in the media assumed people would feel bad for these horrible owners not being able to hire anyone, but it appears as though right, left and center agree that these people are not sympathy worthy. In fact, they are the problem as almost half the United States workers make starvation wages.

As stories roll out about businesses raising their rates to $15 an hour, it has been having mixed results. This hiring problem comes down to as much about wages as it does decency. A local ice cream store gets thousands of applicants when it raises rates, while a corporate franchise still gets crickets. People have had over a year to reassess their lives. With two people working, how much do your really net after paying for daycare, gas, and everything associated with that second job?

Is it worth being subjected to the humiliation it requires to be hired by these corporate behemoths to get a low paying, high stress job? Drug testing needs to go. It is none of McDonald’s or Walmart’s business what their employees do in their private life. How about checking your credit score for a low wage job? Does that seem like how you treat heroes in need? You want to know if they have a felony too? All this for terrible benefits, low wages and the ability to be fired at any time without cause or compensation.

So, why are these wonderful companies having so much trouble finding these essential people? The truest thing ever said is “actions speak louder than words” and their actions prove they don’t see these people as heroes at all. The people understand that. The people learned during the pandemic that the rich have nothing without the workers. The low wage workers are very much essential and you can either treat them like that, or continue to go on cable news looking like a clown about how good the people on welfare have it. Good luck.

Joe Biden & the Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan is a Cynical Play

I know the corporate media is cheering the recently revealed infrastructure plan by the Democrats as progressive as landmark and transformative, but it is nothing more than a further push into feudalism. This plan is no different than their Covid relief bill where instead of giving us enough money to actually survive a pandemic, the Democrats will give your family $9,000 for your funeral if you die in the noble deed of serving their rich donors while a pandemic rages.

I am all in favor of paid family leave, paid vacation, free childcare and other workers’ rights. However, the Democrats are playing a cynical game here.

How? Because in order to critique this bill they make you attack something as common sense and popular as childcare. They realize this too.

Why this is cynical is they only give these rights to the poorest among us, when not only do these programs rely on universality to survive, but even more craven and most importantly is it just means we are subsidizing the worst of the large corporations who pay starvation wages. This is essentially the taxpayer now subsiding Amazon, McDonalds and Walmart daycare centers. Having free daycare for poor people getting paid starvation wages is like having UBI without cost controls. It isn’t woke or progressive, but just another backhanded way of funneling money to the rich. Making sure workers aren’t being paid starvation wages so their families can not be in poverty should be the obvious goal, not alleviating the childcare dilemma the exploited and poverty stricken workers have.

In this case instead of actually giving every worker a living wage with free childcare, or… *gasp*, the freedom to even have one parent raise the kids instead of having to work 2 or 3 jobs each that would tremendously change their lives, they just subsidize corporate daycare centers so they will get rich and the poor will still work multiple jobs making starvation wages.

However, in maybe the most Orwellian aspect, the government will pay a corporation to raise your kids so their donors can keep exploiting you for massive profits, instead of just paying you to raise your own kid. Of course part of those profits will funnel back to the politician in bribes disguised as family “jobs”, book deals, paid speeches, Netflix production deals, “charitable foundations” and bundled political donations. On a side note, I’ve always imagined the pharma lobby has a warehouse that rivals the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark except nothing but politician’s books they have been forced to buy over the years.

Is this where they keep all the politician’s books they have to buy?

In a sane situation, before trickle down, tax money would be used by the government to create massive public works projects. The government would directly pay the people and then in turn the workers would go to the businesses and spend their money. That is a bottom up approach that has worked for all of history. Now, Democrats are using businesses as the conduit, and as usual the people will just hope that this will trickle down and not disappear in “consulting fees” and other typical donor grift like Obama’s high speed rails and national smart grid that disappeared into consulting fees for their donors. If based on previous plans like this, expect very little infrastructure and a lot of talk about money spent in consulting.

From the electric car chargers to daycare, it all seems like a guise to pretend they are helping the voter, but instead it is just a gigantic giveaway to the corporations to build stuff they would have built anyways. To me it appears this benefits the super rich a lot more than the poor. A lot more. How much faith do you have in corporate trickle down over the last 4 decades? I’m sure there are lots of donors hoping to be the next Solyndra.

If this gets through the senate and it ends up being a true government spending bill, I will admit I was wrong. However, the way this looks now is it is clear this is going to be the government giving private corporations lots of money to do stuff the government could do a lot more efficiently and with much higher wages offered. Don’t hold your breath for anything other than the Democrats subsidizing Walmart’s bottom line by paying for their exploited workers’ daycare and ignore the reason they have to do that is because they can’t afford to raise their own kids on a single Walmart salary. Besides, you want the ultimate proof this is a bad deal? Look how much corporate media is on board. If this was 5 trillion that actually benefited the people first, they would be trashing this every chance they got, like the minimum wage. This is going to benefit the Wall Street, and they all know it.

Mainstream Media, Politicians and Corporate America are to Blame for not Reaching Herd Immunity, Not Anti-Vaxxer Sentiment

You often hear the media and politicians talk in puzzled bewilderment at how come so many people became anti vaxxers in this country and how to convert them. Like so many problems we face today, the very people who were responsible for the problems are the last to understand.

I’m not an anti vaxxer at all. I believe in science above all else. I was also 50/50 if I was going to take this vaccine. Not because I didn’t trust vaccines. Not because I didn’t trust science. Not because I am a conspiracy theorist. I was hesitant to take the vaccine because I have been alive for the last 4 decades and have witnessed the depravity of the ruling class and the corporate lapdog media that enables them. I lived through 2020 and the ruling class either through incredible incompetence or cruelty, most likely both, decide to not pay us during a pandemic, but once again transfer trillions in wealth to their richest donors and put the economy first in a sick attempt to keep their donors’ profits rolling, while they pretended to blame the other side as if we are that stupid. Same exact thing, crisis after crisis when we are most in need. Just fatten up their billionaire donors. Hundreds of thousands of American lives sacrificed by our politicians and media and now they sit back and complain that not enough of are working to serve them food during a pandemic for starvation wages.

That is why the vast majority of the public doesn’t trust the vaccine. If you don’t understand, look in the mirror, you are probably part of the problem. The public 100% knows that the people in power don’t care at all about them. AT ALL. Nothing. Lying politicians, lying corporations, and lying media. They are literally the boy who cried wolf at this point trying to convince people to put something in their arm. For example, why would ANYONE trust the pharmaceutical companies at this point? Why? Nobody can give a legitimate reason. Now that would be actually stupid to trust Pharma. Decades and decades of abuse, ruthless killing and unbridled greed is not a trustworthy trait.

The government will literally will pay your family $9000 if you die in the noble effort of serving them fast food, but only $3200 to try to keep you alive over a multi year pandemic. Do the math. You selfishly want to live, politicians and businesses only care about what businesses want. That is the disconnect. People understand that when a majority of the country wants things like socialized healthcare, wealth tax, term limits, money out of politics, but the majority of our congress does not, decade after decade. We understand that isn’t representation. We understand they aren’t serving us. We understand the corporate media will never act in our interest. They serve to distract. Year after year after year after year healthcare is either the number 1 or 2 issue in every poll done. How often does our corporate media actually talk about healthcare policy and the policies the people want. How come they never discuss the disconnect between what we want and what congress does? They know our politicians are all bribed. They aren’t that stupid. They just play the game and get their money.

Decades of eroded trust, as our politicians and media continue to serve the interests of the rich has led us to this moment. Understand when you watch cable news you are watching millionaires interviewing millionaires. There is absolutely zero wealth diversity on those channels. Just rich people talking about what is good for rich people.

I took the vaccine, and would recommend others do too for the sake of humanity, but only because my belief in science is that strong. I am just crossing my fingers that our ruling class didn’t find a new way to kill or maim us and then discard us after their mistake. That would be more in line with how things go in this country. That is where the hesitancy comes from. The recklessness and greed of our politicians, wealthy and media are responsible for this.

The Vaccinated Are Keeping the Economy from Reopening. Deal With It.

As Joe Biden would say, here is the deal, man. The reason why restaurants and shops are still empty and nobody wants to go back to work is because the vaccinated don’t trust the unvaccinated, for good reason. These are the same people who haven’t worn a mask or social distanced from the very beginning but… now they are going to? Despite what you might think of the average intelligence of your fellow man, trust me, they get this one. Everybody does.

Fully vaccinated people are the ones who have taken this seriously from the beginning and have learned to stay home. The majority of the people who won’t get vaccinated are the same ones who never shut down to begin with. The message that business gets from corporate news is that people want the mask off when that couldn’t be more wrong. Only the people who never wore a mask just wants the rest of us to take ours off. That is who this is pandering to. The vaccintated want the pandemic to actually end by reaching herd immunity, and then we take it off.

What the CDC did by removing the mask requirement, with no proof of vaccination, was saying they are moving on. Herd immunity will not be reached. You will need yearly shots for probably the rest of your lives, but the young kids today, and the unborn will be exposed to it so early that it will be just another flu for them as they get older. I’ve mentioned before that if Joe Biden wanted herd immunity he would offer cash. It would work, but his business overlords, who are proud to admit on tv that they pay less than welfare, are already crying about having to raise their starvation wages.

So this is our future. Some say vaccine passports, but I can’t imagine those working. Opens up a Pandora’s box of problems and logistics. Who wants to take a job checking them? All I know is the honor code isn’t going to get the vaccinated back in the stores or workforce either. I am fully vaccinated and I went to a restaurant and none of the staff was wearing a mask. It was completely empty. The entire time. We stayed because we felt bad for the staff having no business, but honestly, I wouldn’t go back to a place that isn’t taking Covid seriously. If they can assure me their staff is vaccinated, I’m fine with it. Until then, I will pass.

That is the great divide. The people who don’t want the vaccine say my body, my choice, but then don’t extend that choice to the vaccinated who choose not to expose themselves to the risk the unvaccinated are taking. On the flip side, the vaccinated are being way too simplistic to act like forcing people to take a vaccine or creating an apartheid state is going to work. It just won’t.

The sad reality is we are stuck, and just like so many other issues, Joe Biden isn’t the guy to fix it. All of his solutions come from an era that caused all the problems we are facing. Let’s be honest, Joe Biden caused most of these problems. The literal divide in this country comes from the Clinton and Biden Democrats allowing corporations to consolidate all the media. Now we expect Joe Biden to fix this? Come on, man.

The economy will lag along, the jobs will still stay low because the vaccinated have gotten used to hunkering down. The CDC is just trying to force us to accept herd immunity is never coming. I have zero doubt at some point most of us will have to accept that fact and the world will move on as close to normal as we can. Masks will probably linger year round, pick up in the winter, but Covid clearly isn’t going away. We will just get used to the yearly boosters and needless deaths and hope the selfishness of the unvaccinated doesn’t cause a vaccine immune strain that starts this all over.

In the near term I wouldn’t expect the vaccinated to be stimulating the local economy the way the CDC and Democrats believe they will. The Democrats and big business essentially gave control of the pandemic to the people who refuse to get a vaccine or even wear a mask and they expect us to be ok with that. Good luck. You will need it.

Be Careful Who You Choose to Follow. The Sad Reality of Reality Winner.

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, Peter Buxton and all whistleblowers are on the right side of history as far as I am concerned. Even in cases that I might not generally agree with, I think exposing government and corporate corruption in general is always good.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have called out the fabricated Russia story from the very earliest days. Here is an article I wrote before Trump was even in office outlining what was about to come with the Russia distraction. Due to that, I can say this is a cause that I don’t necessarily align 100% with Reality Winner’s cause as I do with Assange or Snowden, but like them I believe she should be released, paid full restitution plus damages for false imprisonment and offered her job back at a minimum. What has been done to her is an injustice, and even more so by the Democrats who caused her imprisonment and have now left her to rot. I can safely say had Hillary Clinton lost with any kind of grace, Reality Winner would not be in prison right now.

Reality Winner’s actions were clearly motivated by the dubious Russiagate narrative drummed up by the Democrats to cover for the establishment’s humiliating defeat to Donald Trump. In that sense, she was a pawn of the Democrats and mainstream media for buying into the Resistance narrative. Her only crime was thinking she was saving American democracy because that is what the Democrats made her believe. For those that don’t know, Reality Winner leaked a document that the Trump administration clearly didn’t want people to see because it played into the Russia meddling narrative. The extent to which they meddled is up to debate and her leaked documents never really gave an answer either. You know how I feel, but that isn’t what I am writing about. I’m here to shine a light on people being used and discarded by a party with zero loyalty to its most loyal supporters.

Anyone who is on twitter is probably used to seeing tweets by Reality Winner’s mom and family pleading Joe Biden and the Democrats for why her daughter is still in prison for helping to expose Trump. I think it was considered a given by many of The Resistance circles that Reality Winner would be pardoned as soon as Trump was out of office. Yet, here we are and things are eerily silent among the Resistance. I have recently seen major media outlets like the Washington Post start to beat the drum, but by mid May and zero response from elected Democrats, and especially the Biden administration it doesn’t look good.

While there are still admittedly people in the Russiagate circle who are still committed to her release, unfortunately for Reality Winner she is discovering most of the Resistance and their powerful Hollywood supporters loudly demanding her release under Trump have given her the quick abandonment treatment that the kids in cages are now experiencing that the Democrats are back in power. It appears as though most of the Never Trump crowd she risked her life to help are nowhere to be found and currently Reality Winner’s most ardent supporters are just her family, dedicated Russiagaters and anti establishment types, who never believed in Russiagate, but in general believe in protecting whistleblowers.  

Again, I’m not here to debate what Reality Winner did. This isn’t to debate Russian meddling. This article isn’t to debate whistleblowers. This is simply pointing out that if you put your faith and trust into the Democrats, let Reality Winner be an example of the loyalty they will show you. She will now rot in prison after the Democrats essentially entrapped her into leaking information, making her believe the future of our country was at stake because we had a Russian asset trying to dismantle us from the inside as president. Now they pretend like she doesn’t exist. The good news for both Reality Winner and the kids in cages is someday the Democrats will be out of office and they will need pawns again to exploit for political gain, so maybe they might be highlighted again.

How Dumb Are Our Media Health “Experts”?

How is it the corporate media and the people in charge are the only ones who don’t get that the people who refuse to get the vaccine don’t require any incentive to do so, because they were the exact same people who were never following the health guidelines to begin with? It is mind numbing watching these ultra liberal over educated millionaires go on tv and espouse that if people realize if they get vaccinated they won’t have to wear a mask anymore, when those are the people who never wore masks to begin with. They don’t care what you or the CDC says.

Even the vaccine card is a gloried index card. If this is required for travel, entertainment venues and retail stores I can assure you this will be the most forged document in the history of the world. I’m sure the Walmart greeter or minimum wage worker is going to question some dude strapped with guns if his vaccine card is legitimate. One pharmacist was already arrested for putting it online, and just google Covid vaccine form scam and you will see it is already a problem. So don’t expect this to stay secure, because it was never secure to begin with. Watching them fill in by hand a black & white printed paper postcard that looks like it was made on Microsoft Publisher is not a real assurance of security. Anyone who believes they are in a completely vaccinated arena, stadium, workplace, airplane, etc this summer is an absolute fool and should immediately apply for a job as a health expert for MSNBC and CNN. The world if full of selfish people, don’t expect that to change.

Yet we have all these geniuses who we are supposed to completely trust with our lives who sincerely believe that the people who won’t get vaccinated have been following CDC guidelines. It makes you wonder if they have ever left their gated Georgetown communities? I honestly don’t know what world they are living in. This latest poll done by Axios/IPSOS is exactly the problem we face, which our experts don’t seem to understand.

As you can see, the people who aren’t socially distancing are the ones who should be. This shouldn’t be a hard concept to fathom, but for our brightest it is. Are they IQ stupid? Probably not. Are they completely sheltered and isolated in their elitist bubble? I think it is obvious. The idea that you couldn’t get 70% of the country to wear a little mask, but you were going to get 80% or more of the country to take a vaccine is some of the most out of touch thinking I’ve ever heard. I have been saying this from the beginning of the pandemic. After decades of abuse and abandonment, the people not only distrust the government but they viscerally hate almost every institution that props them up. You can pay people to stay home for 2 months and end this, or this will just be a giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies to give booster shots for the next 30 years until the next generation achieves herd immunity. I’m not shocked at all the choice we made, but what should be eye opening is just how little the so called “elites” actually understand what is going on in this country.

History Repeating Itself – FTV Fallout Explained

The post election split is nothing new. Might seem hard to believe but The Daily Kos used to be considered an important leftist blog during the George W. Bush years. Leading up to the 2004 defeat of John Kerry and reelection of GWB, it grew to become one of the bigger online voices for leftists.

As a community they worked to elect and support many (what they believed to be) progressives like Sherrod Brown and Dennis Kucinich, or put progressives in places of power like Elizabeth Warren and Howard Dean. And of course getting Barack Obama elected as president. At the time, it looked like the left was making inroads.

However, reality began to set in for many of us after the Democrats assumed power. We saw the progressive politicians abandon their fighting personas and adopt a baffling insiders game. Even Dennis Kucinich, who I would argue was the most legitimate out of that group, embarrassingly tacked way to the center during his terribly advised, short lived presidential run.

I think it speaks for itself how the rest of that group of progressives turned out playing the insiders game.

However, the issue I am getting to at here is there was a segment of the online left, including the owner of The Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas (Kos), refused to see what was coming even though it was clear. Some eventually came around at the end of Obama’s term, but others, like Markos, blindly stood with the group of progressives he and others worked so hard to elect and put so much faith in. That was the birth of the Warren Democrat. Not because they stood for anything, but because they followed Warren blindly and she dragged them right to the establishment Democrats.

The entire time they never realized their circle was increasingly more liberals and centrist, which should lead them to believe they were the ones who had changed, they believed they were staying consistent. More troubling, they started to attack the left and allies (who would mostly go on to become Bernie 2016 supporters) for being too left. Basically they were mad at the left for not coming with them and Warren when we saw all the flashing red lights. This is the Daily Kos you have known for the last decade.

What is happening now is no different. Leftists will also peel off to the right eventually too, like Cassandra Fairbanks or Shirtless Pundit did in 16. You can see that happening right now. Most of us will grow and evolve our positions but stay anti-establishment left, which I believe is the consistent position through all of this. The FTV more or less sped up the sifting process. Some will eventually realize they were mislead and were attacking the wrong people, but others will blindly support certain politicians until the end, no matter how obvious it is they aren’t heading in the right direction and they need drastic pushing.

The truces that have been talked about are nice and I agree the fighting absolutely needs to end as we have more in common than not. However, becoming allies is a stretch. The main problem is one side, from as diverse as Cornell West and Susan Sarandon, believe the progressives in congress are not using their power. The other side has a problem with the progressives getting criticized. They are squarely in the “give them time” or “they can’t do anything” or “they are doing great” camps. So while we should agree to be civil, the idea that we are going to be able to work in unison is highly unlikely. This is an inside vs outside debate that can’t be worked around. Like I said, some will figure it out but others are going blindly into the light of the insider’s game.

You are witnessing the birth of the new Warren Democrats, just insert a new name. This is exactly the same. It will happen again. Personal politics evolve over time, it’s just life. How to know if you changed or they changed? If you look around and 80% of the people and social media accounts you see and interact with are still there, you didn’t change. If you look around and realize you have lost a lot of people in your circle and are now retweeting people who were in a different circle last election it should be fairly obvious. Nothing wrong with change, just don’t attack people for not going in the direction you decided to, and vice versa.

The ACA’s Deductible is Murder

Private Insurance is Murder.

Let’s get that straight, but nothing contributes more to the immoral healthcare system our politicians are bribed to force upon us than two of the least discussed monstrosities in our health care system, the deductible and in-network/out of network restrictions.

Today I am talking about the deductible.

Politicians want to talk all day about premiums but never want to talk about deductibles (or co-pays) because they know those are the true death panels in American health care. For those not familiar with American health care, a deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance pays for anything. The premium is your monthly dues, but the deductible is beyond that. Imagine is Spotify offered an individual plan for $500 a month for access to their music. Then they charged you $50 per song until your got to $10,000 out of your own pocket and then every song after that is “free” as long as you keep paying your $500 subscription a month. Reset that every year and that is how the American healthcare deductible works.

Different insurance companies handle these differently but in most cases that is what you can expect. So if you have $10,000 (plus premiums. Family plans would be much larger) in your bank that you can spend on healthcare then insurance pays for everything. If you don’t have $10,000 in your bank you stay at home and bask in the knowledge that the Democrats will proudly go on tv to cite you as a statistic to how many people they have “covered” with what is basically useless insurance. Just window dressing so the politicians can brag and the rich can feel less guilt over their greed and cruelty.

However, that is not what most people hear as millionaires go on tv and wax poetically about what an improvement the ACA is over what we had. It is for them, and the health insurance industry. For the rest of the country we went from having lifetime limits and preexisting condition restrictions, but almost non existing deductibles, to having zero access to actual care, althoug rich people assure us it is great.

What Democrats claim the ACA does:

1. The government subsidizes the insurance monopolies by giving them money to cover more people.
2. Insurance companies in exchange for this huge growth in free business will remove the preexisting conditions and lifetime caps barriers.

What Democrats don’t tell you about the ACA:

3. Insurance companies, while now giving out cheap to free insurance premiums, now have sky high deductibles as one of the barriers to prevent the bottom 90% from using their healthcare. Yes, they have coverage, but they can’t afford to use it. I never thought I would miss “only” having high premiums, but that was a better system for most of us. If anything it was more egalitarian as the rich had to live under the same barbaric rules. Now they just narrowly focused on who the death panel is targeted at. So more people are covered, statistically, but even less people than before the ACA can actually see a doctor.

4. The extra subsidized healthcare industry makes unprecedented profits. Rich people get even better healthcare than before. Everybody else gets a piece of paper with an insurance logo on it.

So the death panel has already been set and it no surprisingly has set against the middle class and poor. Instead of having medical professionals decide if a terminal 90 year old receives 3 more days of life or a 3 day old get 90 more years of life, we let a wallet decide. One of the cruelest and barbaric health care systems in the world, and we have the Democrats to thank for it. Actually the Republicans, but the Democrats are so insistence the ACA isn’t Romneycare then I’ll give them all the credit they crave on this one. Kind of like the business owner proudly proclaiming on tv that he pays less than welfare, and unbelievably thinks he’ll be viewed as the victim. Have at it Democrats. Take full credit for this abomination.

Corruption is Legal

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