The ACA’s Deductible is Murder


Private Insurance is Murder.

Let’s get that straight, but nothing contributes more to the immoral healthcare system our politicians are bribed to force upon us than two of the least discussed monstrosities in our health care system, the deductible and in-network/out of network restrictions.

Today I am talking about the deductible.

Politicians want to talk all day about premiums but never want to talk about deductibles (or co-pays) because they know those are the true death panels in American health care. For those not familiar with American health care, a deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance pays for anything. The premium is your monthly dues, but the deductible is beyond that. Imagine is Spotify offered an individual plan for $500 a month for access to their music. Then they charged you $50 per song until your got to $10,000 out of your own pocket and then every song after that is “free” as long as you keep paying your $500 subscription a month. Reset that every year and that is how the American healthcare deductible works.

Different insurance companies handle these differently but in most cases that is what you can expect. So if you have $10,000 (plus premiums. Family plans would be much larger) in your bank that you can spend on healthcare then insurance pays for everything. If you don’t have $10,000 in your bank you stay at home and bask in the knowledge that the Democrats will proudly go on tv to cite you as a statistic to how many people they have “covered” with what is basically useless insurance. Just window dressing so the politicians can brag and the rich can feel less guilt over their greed and cruelty.

However, that is not what most people hear as millionaires go on tv and wax poetically about what an improvement the ACA is over what we had. It is for them, and the health insurance industry. For the rest of the country we went from having lifetime limits and preexisting condition restrictions, but almost non existing deductibles, to having zero access to actual care, althoug rich people assure us it is great.

What Democrats claim the ACA does:

1. The government subsidizes the insurance monopolies by giving them money to cover more people.
2. Insurance companies in exchange for this huge growth in free business will remove the preexisting conditions and lifetime caps barriers.

What Democrats don’t tell you about the ACA:

3. Insurance companies, while now giving out cheap to free insurance premiums, now have sky high deductibles as one of the barriers to prevent the bottom 90% from using their healthcare. Yes, they have coverage, but they can’t afford to use it. I never thought I would miss “only” having high premiums, but that was a better system for most of us. If anything it was more egalitarian as the rich had to live under the same barbaric rules. Now they just narrowly focused on who the death panel is targeted at. So more people are covered, statistically, but even less people than before the ACA can actually see a doctor.

4. The extra subsidized healthcare industry makes unprecedented profits. Rich people get even better healthcare than before. Everybody else gets a piece of paper with an insurance logo on it.

So the death panel has already been set and it no surprisingly has set against the middle class and poor. Instead of having medical professionals decide if a terminal 90 year old receives 3 more days of life or a 3 day old get 90 more years of life, we let a wallet decide. One of the cruelest and barbaric health care systems in the world, and we have the Democrats to thank for it. Actually the Republicans, but the Democrats are so insistence the ACA isn’t Romneycare then I’ll give them all the credit they crave on this one. Kind of like the business owner proudly proclaiming on tv that he pays less than welfare, and unbelievably thinks he’ll be viewed as the victim. Have at it Democrats. Take full credit for this abomination.


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