You often hear the media and politicians talk in puzzled bewilderment at how come so many people became anti vaxxers in this country and how to convert them. Like so many problems we face today, the very people who were responsible for the problems are the last to understand.

I’m not an anti vaxxer at all. I believe in science above all else. I was also 50/50 if I was going to take this vaccine. Not because I didn’t trust vaccines. Not because I didn’t trust science. Not because I am a conspiracy theorist. I was hesitant to take the vaccine because I have been alive for the last 4 decades and have witnessed the depravity of the ruling class and the corporate lapdog media that enables them. I lived through 2020 and the ruling class either through incredible incompetence or cruelty, most likely both, decide to not pay us during a pandemic, but once again transfer trillions in wealth to their richest donors and put the economy first in a sick attempt to keep their donors’ profits rolling, while they pretended to blame the other side as if we are that stupid. Same exact thing, crisis after crisis when we are most in need. Just fatten up their billionaire donors. Hundreds of thousands of American lives sacrificed by our politicians and media and now they sit back and complain that not enough of are working to serve them food during a pandemic for starvation wages.

That is why the vast majority of the public doesn’t trust the vaccine. If you don’t understand, look in the mirror, you are probably part of the problem. The public 100% knows that the people in power don’t care at all about them. AT ALL. Nothing. Lying politicians, lying corporations, and lying media. They are literally the boy who cried wolf at this point trying to convince people to put something in their arm. For example, why would ANYONE trust the pharmaceutical companies at this point? Why? Nobody can give a legitimate reason. Now that would be actually stupid to trust Pharma. Decades and decades of abuse, ruthless killing and unbridled greed is not a trustworthy trait.

The government will literally will pay your family $9000 if you die in the noble effort of serving them fast food, but only $3200 to try to keep you alive over a multi year pandemic. Do the math. You selfishly want to live, politicians and businesses only care about what businesses want. That is the disconnect. People understand that when a majority of the country wants things like socialized healthcare, wealth tax, term limits, money out of politics, but the majority of our congress does not, decade after decade. We understand that isn’t representation. We understand they aren’t serving us. We understand the corporate media will never act in our interest. They serve to distract. Year after year after year after year healthcare is either the number 1 or 2 issue in every poll done. How often does our corporate media actually talk about healthcare policy and the policies the people want. How come they never discuss the disconnect between what we want and what congress does? They know our politicians are all bribed. They aren’t that stupid. They just play the game and get their money.

Decades of eroded trust, as our politicians and media continue to serve the interests of the rich has led us to this moment. Understand when you watch cable news you are watching millionaires interviewing millionaires. There is absolutely zero wealth diversity on those channels. Just rich people talking about what is good for rich people.

I took the vaccine, and would recommend others do too for the sake of humanity, but only because my belief in science is that strong. I am just crossing my fingers that our ruling class didn’t find a new way to kill or maim us and then discard us after their mistake. That would be more in line with how things go in this country. That is where the hesitancy comes from. The recklessness and greed of our politicians, wealthy and media are responsible for this.


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