How Dumb Are Our Media Health “Experts”?


How is it the corporate media and the people in charge are the only ones who don’t get that the people who refuse to get the vaccine don’t require any incentive to do so, because they were the exact same people who were never following the health guidelines to begin with? It is mind numbing watching these ultra liberal over educated millionaires go on tv and espouse that if people realize if they get vaccinated they won’t have to wear a mask anymore, when those are the people who never wore masks to begin with. They don’t care what you or the CDC says.

Even the vaccine card is a gloried index card. If this is required for travel, entertainment venues and retail stores I can assure you this will be the most forged document in the history of the world. I’m sure the Walmart greeter or minimum wage worker is going to question some dude strapped with guns if his vaccine card is legitimate. One pharmacist was already arrested for putting it online, and just google Covid vaccine form scam and you will see it is already a problem. So don’t expect this to stay secure, because it was never secure to begin with. Watching them fill in by hand a black & white printed paper postcard that looks like it was made on Microsoft Publisher is not a real assurance of security. Anyone who believes they are in a completely vaccinated arena, stadium, workplace, airplane, etc this summer is an absolute fool and should immediately apply for a job as a health expert for MSNBC and CNN. The world if full of selfish people, don’t expect that to change.

Yet we have all these geniuses who we are supposed to completely trust with our lives who sincerely believe that the people who won’t get vaccinated have been following CDC guidelines. It makes you wonder if they have ever left their gated Georgetown communities? I honestly don’t know what world they are living in. This latest poll done by Axios/IPSOS is exactly the problem we face, which our experts don’t seem to understand.

As you can see, the people who aren’t socially distancing are the ones who should be. This shouldn’t be a hard concept to fathom, but for our brightest it is. Are they IQ stupid? Probably not. Are they completely sheltered and isolated in their elitist bubble? I think it is obvious. The idea that you couldn’t get 70% of the country to wear a little mask, but you were going to get 80% or more of the country to take a vaccine is some of the most out of touch thinking I’ve ever heard. I have been saying this from the beginning of the pandemic. After decades of abuse and abandonment, the people not only distrust the government but they viscerally hate almost every institution that props them up. You can pay people to stay home for 2 months and end this, or this will just be a giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies to give booster shots for the next 30 years until the next generation achieves herd immunity. I’m not shocked at all the choice we made, but what should be eye opening is just how little the so called “elites” actually understand what is going on in this country.


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