Be Careful Who You Choose to Follow. The Sad Reality of Reality Winner.


Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, Peter Buxton and all whistleblowers are on the right side of history as far as I am concerned. Even in cases that I might not generally agree with, I think exposing government and corporate corruption in general is always good.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have called out the fabricated Russia story from the very earliest days. Here is an article I wrote before Trump was even in office outlining what was about to come with the Russia distraction. Due to that, I can say this is a cause that I don’t necessarily align 100% with Reality Winner’s cause as I do with Assange or Snowden, but like them I believe she should be released, paid full restitution plus damages for false imprisonment and offered her job back at a minimum. What has been done to her is an injustice, and even more so by the Democrats who caused her imprisonment and have now left her to rot. I can safely say had Hillary Clinton lost with any kind of grace, Reality Winner would not be in prison right now.

Reality Winner’s actions were clearly motivated by the dubious Russiagate narrative drummed up by the Democrats to cover for the establishment’s humiliating defeat to Donald Trump. In that sense, she was a pawn of the Democrats and mainstream media for buying into the Resistance narrative. Her only crime was thinking she was saving American democracy because that is what the Democrats made her believe. For those that don’t know, Reality Winner leaked a document that the Trump administration clearly didn’t want people to see because it played into the Russia meddling narrative. The extent to which they meddled is up to debate and her leaked documents never really gave an answer either. You know how I feel, but that isn’t what I am writing about. I’m here to shine a light on people being used and discarded by a party with zero loyalty to its most loyal supporters.

Anyone who is on twitter is probably used to seeing tweets by Reality Winner’s mom and family pleading Joe Biden and the Democrats for why her daughter is still in prison for helping to expose Trump. I think it was considered a given by many of The Resistance circles that Reality Winner would be pardoned as soon as Trump was out of office. Yet, here we are and things are eerily silent among the Resistance. I have recently seen major media outlets like the Washington Post start to beat the drum, but by mid May and zero response from elected Democrats, and especially the Biden administration it doesn’t look good.

While there are still admittedly people in the Russiagate circle who are still committed to her release, unfortunately for Reality Winner she is discovering most of the Resistance and their powerful Hollywood supporters loudly demanding her release under Trump have given her the quick abandonment treatment that the kids in cages are now experiencing that the Democrats are back in power. It appears as though most of the Never Trump crowd she risked her life to help are nowhere to be found and currently Reality Winner’s most ardent supporters are just her family, dedicated Russiagaters and anti establishment types, who never believed in Russiagate, but in general believe in protecting whistleblowers.  

Again, I’m not here to debate what Reality Winner did. This isn’t to debate Russian meddling. This article isn’t to debate whistleblowers. This is simply pointing out that if you put your faith and trust into the Democrats, let Reality Winner be an example of the loyalty they will show you. She will now rot in prison after the Democrats essentially entrapped her into leaking information, making her believe the future of our country was at stake because we had a Russian asset trying to dismantle us from the inside as president. Now they pretend like she doesn’t exist. The good news for both Reality Winner and the kids in cages is someday the Democrats will be out of office and they will need pawns again to exploit for political gain, so maybe they might be highlighted again.


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