George Bush stole the election.
Barack Obama wasn’t born in America.
Donald Trump is a Russian plant.

Notice a pattern?

Keep in mind that over the last 5 months, mostly thanks to Wikileaks, we became aware of the following:

  • Congress received monetary kickbacks from the taxpayer funded TARP bailout in proportion to what the banks received.
  • The Chair of the FCC and the head of Homeland Security, among other positions, were essentially sold to the highest bidder.
  • The Democrats have a spreadsheet called “Pay to Play” where their biggest donors, the amount of the donations and what positions those donors wanted were recorded.
  • President Obama’s cabinet in 2009 was, in effect, chosen by Citigroup
  • Democrats had little interest in helping unions or minorities in private, but outwardly still pushed that narrative.
  • The media was VERY involved in wanting Clinton to win from the offset. This included consulting with her campaign on tactics to use against her opponents and in some cases rigging debates.

And that is just a sampling. In perhaps the most telling example of the ruling elite’s cold indifference to the public we learned that the Clinton campaign purposely pushed Trump to run and asked for the media to give him credibility, only so she would have an easier path in the general. If she lost? Well, we were just going to be stuck with Trump. They knew that the rich and powerful will be fine either way, but the rest of us? Sorry, peons.

Make no mistake, if you think the same illegal and unethical behavior isn’t going on in the RNC and all levels of the so called elite, you really aren’t paying attention. The corruption rotting our government, media and the ruling class, is pervasive at all levels of our society, but none more obvious than the corporate media. Almost all the media you watch, 90% of it is owned by 6 corporations. Ask yourself why, after an election that literally blew the doors off of the systemic corruption of our ruling class, are we dedicating most of our time talking about something as ridiculous as our president being a Russian agent? Why, after the biggest financial collapse in our lifetimes when many wealthy and politically connected people committed global crimes against humanity, did we spend years arguing over the ridiculous premise whether our president’s birth certificate was long or short form?


The simple answer is the main job of the corporate media is to keep us distracted. That is it. It isn’t to enlighten us or inform us. If politicians are the elites’ policy arm, the corporate media is their messaging/propaganda arm. Polls have shown people are more informed watching comedy shows than corporate news. Some channels actually left viewers less informed than if they had just watched nothing at all. Think about that, somebody who is just winging it, just literally guessing, knows more about what is going on in the world than somebody who watches a cable news channel.

Obviously after a while most people would get tired of just being mislead, unless of course they mixed in something divisive with an intoxicating amount of self congratulatory rage , like, say… politics. If it seem as if there is a “right” media and a “left” media, it wasn’t done by mistake. Its the perfect foil. When a Democrat wins, the “right wing” corporate media screams some completely moronic, inflammatory accusation and when the Republicans win the “left” media returns the favor. Whenever there is a major, serious discussion that needs to be had the media steers us back into tribalism. That is their job. Keep us herded up and divided.

At a time we should be demanding ethics reform, investigations into the entire government and likely prosecutions, we are hyperventilating about crowd sizes and if our President is a Russian spy. Seriously. First there is a Muslim Manchurian Candidate, now its a Russian Manchurian Candidate. Come on people… We have got to see through this by now. I am not going to argue whether you think Bush stole the election, Obama isn’t legitimate, or Trump is a Russian puppet, although I think I could point out some major discrepancies in all those narratives, I am only asking if those really are the pressing issues of our time?

Our jobs are being outsourced or automated, while our ruling class has no answers except to accelerate the transfer of wealth from the working class to the global elite with their disastrous policies. The national debt is spiraling to a point of no return which will cripple the future of every worker in this country, with only the pessimistic understanding of more tax cuts and wasteful defense spending from our political class. The media is owned by a small handful of corporations, with new mergers being proposed almost every time you read the news, continually shrinking our choices for who decides what we hear. We are living on a rock hurling millions of miles an hour through space protected by a razor thin atmosphere and we are allowing it to be destroyed, damning the survival of humanity itself, just to narrowly improve quarterly profits for a few. As we circle the drain we continue to be baited by hucksters and/or useful tools in corporate news who are used to fuel the ignorance, instead of facing the real issues facing our lives and planet.

Don’t make the mistake that the corporate media has any interest in actually diagnosing the real problems. Far from it. Corporate news is essentially disguised, to varying degrees, as informative. In reality it is partisan propaganda with divisive, and often combative discussions on everyday current events. They will take an everyday event and make it a political argument. They want to distract you not only to entertain you, but more importantly, to guide your anger away from where it should be directed. When was the last time one of these “serious” Sunday shows had a transparent talk about the corrupting influence of corporate money in journalism? Ever? How about the danger of media collusion and concentration? Certainly not on those self congratulating Sunday “media watchdog” shows. How many shows discuss real campaign finance reform that includes matching funds or other innovative reforms?

The list goes on and on from debt reduction to a realistic discussion not including corporate funded shills about why our healthcare system keeps constantly failing us. On the slow days, if you aren’t getting the distraction du jour, all you will get is political gossip. How is this politician going to get this vote through or who will block this procedure, scripted “surrogates” repeating the tired right or left corporate talking points and the incessantly mind dulling poll discussions. Basically, corporate journalism is a gigantic lie spun to you by a handful of billionaires who don’t want you to think they are to blame for the absolute corruption they perpetuate in our government.

So here we are after another election, left with a bevy of unanswered question and out of nowhere… Russia rigged the election. Really? Maybe it would come off as a tad bit more serious if President Obama and Hillary Clinton weren’t running around all of October mercilessly ridiculing and mocking Donald Trump for suggesting the election could be rigged. Maybe it would come off as a little bit more legitimate if Hillary Clinton wasn’t attending the inaugural. How in any way is that part of #TheResistance by legitimizing his win by attending Putin’s puppet’s inaugural? Do you really think our past heads of state, and the so called victim of this heinous crime, would attend an inaugural by somebody widely known and confirmed as the Manchurian Candidate? Of course they wouldn’t. Maybe it would come off as a bit more believable if we were given a shred of real tangible evidence besides trust the guys who lied to you about the NSA, Libya, Iraq, Vietnam and on and on to push their ulterior agenda. If you can’t trust an espionage agency, who can you trust, right?

Even if it is true, and despite no real evidence it very well could be, and again I am not here to try an change your mind, but is this really the issue we need to be talking about? Should we have been talking about President Obama’s birth certificate in 2009? Was that the most pressing thing in our lives? Was it in yours? As ridiculous as that may sound to some of you, after being drummed up by the “right wing” corporate media, people on the right believed just as passionately that the president was a great danger to the country and held on to the foolish hope that he could somehow be found ineligible. Sound familiar with the “left wing” corporate media counterpart this time? In the grand scheme of things, it was a giant waste of time. Its nothing more than fool’s gold to distract you from the real problems. People should be angry at the state of affairs in this country, but you have to know who your real enemy is.

Although somewhat irrelevant to the point I am trying to make, but for all the hysteria did it even have an effect on the outcome? Seems pretty clear the general election polls over sampled Democratic voters thinking Clinton had locked up the Obama coalition. If they were paying attention going back to the early stages of the race in 2015 and early 2016 all the polls showed that Hillary Clinton did terrible with independents, the largest voting block. She did terrible with independents in the primaries and she did even worse with independents in general election, according to polling during the primaries. Again, this is the largest voting block in America that decides the elections. Russia changed nothing. James Comey changed nothing. During the primaries, the polls showed unfavorable head to heads with all of the GOP candidates before these revelations were revealed. These polls were even more jarring when every one showed Bernie Sanders beating each GOP candidate by a large, and even a blowout margin in many cases. It was obvious she did not do well with a general audience. Democrats loved her, everybody else? Not so much and this wasn’t a secret in 2016, or 2015 either.

This is precisely why they decided to elevate Donald Trump. To hold the American public hostage. Vote for Hillary, who you clearly don’t like, or get this lunatic. Why isn’t that interference into our election being discussed more? Doesn’t that have more of a direct affect on your life? That the media agreeably put Trump on nightly, even would run live feeds of his empty podiums while other much more qualified candidates spoke. Bernie Sanders, who was the only candidate drawing the crowds that Trump was, doesn’t even make a blip in mentions until July 2016, right after he dropped out. In fact he received almost the exact same amount of mentions in the few weeks after he dropped out then all of 2016 previous to that, while the election was at its peak. Wikileaks shows the corporate media had clear favoritism towards the Clinton campaign and colluded in many ways. The elevation of chosen candidates and the blackouts of others is just one of the ways the ruling class attempt to steer the election. As of now, we have no tangible proof with Russia interfering, but we do have 100% verified proof that our own government, media and ruling class colluded to deceive us and in effect try to rig an election for their unpopular, but corporate friendly, candidate in order to get their desired results. Those results, and like so many others from our nepotism addled elite

The results from this election shouldn’t be a surprise. Sure, the corporate media talking heads and pundits dramatically fan themselves and feign disbelief at who could have seen it, when basically every single poll in the primaries showed she was going to most likely lose. Not only did the early polls forecast it, so did most people who were paying attention. It seemed as if every time these Sunday shows would bring

Regardless of how the corporate media tries to frame it, it wasn’t exactly rocket science for the rest of us. They missed what was going on, not everybody as they claim, mostly just them. The rest of us clearly saw the Clinton campaign was ignoring massive segments of the population, not connecting to the real economic anxiety so many Americans are feeling, and overall employing a deeply flawed strategy. However, now none of that, nor does the actual contents of the leaks, the rampant government corruption, job sapping trade deals, our cruel criminal justice policies, the for profit foreign policy, disastrous environmental policies, or anything truly substantive matters because… it was Russia. in somebody not plugged into the D.C. echo chamber, like Cenk Uygur or Michael Moore they would predict Trump would win, to the jaw agape, stunned gaze of the bubble dwelling permanent rotation guests. And it wasn’t just predicting a Trump win, many commentators like Nina Turner, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Thomas Frank, David Sirota, Glenn Greenwald, Nomiki Konst, David Shuster, Jonathan Tasini and others warned of a Trump win throughout the primaries and general election..It shouldn’t be surprising based on the polls cited above that it seems the people least connected to the corporate media were more clued into what was actually going on.class, disastrously backfired and now we have to live with the results, be it nuclear war, uninhabitable air or whatever comes, yet some still choose to get mad at Russia…

The right and left corporate media will keep on going at it endlessly, like those social media chat bots, hoping to keep you paying attention at the entertaining back and forth. Only in this case it isn’t to amuse you, but to keep you from focusing on the real forces raining hell down upon your life. The more serious the problems, the more heightened the new distraction is. The corporate media serves only to distract and channel our rightful anger away from them and onto our fellow working class Americans. The purpose of the corporate media to control the populace, and unless we wake up and realize who is doing this to us, then they do control us.

Use your head. Unplug from the tv for a second. Look around your life. Russia didn’t cause this. The reality is we all know who caused this but some of us refuse to believe it. If we are going to get the change we need to solve these problems, the change we can achieve if we direct our energy in the right direction, then its time to wake up


  1. Nice blog. Don’t forget the Panama Papers. The lapdog media barely covered it. A crime that was hiding 1/5th of humanity’s wealth.

  2. In all my life I have never lived through an election like this one. People need to be in jail! It woke me up big time. I had no idea it was so bad. I will never forgive the Democrats for what they did.

  3. Aw how cute. Another Bernie Baby. How about quit blaming others, apologize for electing Trump and Unite Blue so we can get rid of this threat to our existence. The polls clearly showed Hillary was going to win. Were you watching this election? If Russia had not hacked the DNC Hillary would be president and you would still be some unemployed loser wanting free money. Grow up.

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