Now We Know Why the Corporate Media, NPR, the DNC and Hillary were Desperate to Kill Off Bernie’s Campaign by March 15


Because they all know Hillary is holding a weak hand. She is not popular with voters. I have been doing extensive canvassing with prospective voters in Wisconsin and it confirms what the polls say–Hillary has little enthusiastic support, especially among people under 50. People do not trust her. The more they see her the less likely they are to like her.

Even her hardcore supporters are either people getting paid off by her or expecting jobs for themselves or their friends in her administration. If you go to Hillary’s reddit page to see what motivates the handful of people there to be passionate about Hillary, there are almost no issues to speak of. It seems to be mostly angry bitter people who believe it is Hillary’s turn, like we live in a monarchy and anyone who challenges her right to the crown is a usurper.

That is not a very powerful selling point to a majority of Democrats, let alone Americans.

Not so with Bernie. When people get to know him, they respect him and support him. Even Republicans tend to like him more than Hillary, by a wide margin. And independents adore him. he has all the momentum and enthusiasm in the race. Hillary is reduced to the absurd position that she relies upon low voter turnout to win primaries and caucuses. That says everything you need to know about how weak she is. Because Democrats win general elections when there is high turnout, the kind Bernie routinely generates.

That is why the establishment had to run him out of the race before these truths became widely known.

They tried. They failed.

Five consecutive wins now where Bernie gets at least 70 percent of the vote. Wow.

Bernie was in single-digits or low double digits in the polls for these five states 9 months ago. Just like everywhere else except Vermont. Now he is winning total blowout victories against the biggest brand name in the Democratic Party if not the nation..

If we had a credible news media, for the next week the discussion would be whether Hillary should withdraw from the race so as to not undermine Bernie’s chances in November. The establishment media would obsess with how Hillary, one of the best known politicians in the world, could be demolished in five states she did very well in in 2008. She won many of them. Why is she going so sharply in the wrong direction?

Alas, we do not have a credible media. But we have survived their offensive and they are running out of ammunition.

All hands on deck for Wisconsin. We win there and it is two weeks of intensive campaigning in New York. Hillary’s home state. Bernie won his home state with 86 percent of the vote. Let’s see Hillary match that.

If Bernie wins Wisconsin and makes a ballgame of it in New York, he is the leader. If he wins Wisconsin and New York, Hillary is through. Game over.

Any way you slice it, she is on life support from the corporate media right now.

The next 23 days could shape the course of history. Now or never.


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