Your Yearly Dose of Howard Dean Hypocrisy in just 3 minutes.


If the establishment ever wondered why we hate them so much, look no further than this gem from Howard Dean on Morning Joe.

During a discussion on why Hillary Clinton isn’t connecting with college age students, Kristen Soltis Anderson opines that its the fact she is making money off of their tuition with her pay for play bribes, errr… I mean speeches she gave at colleges and universities. Immediately Howard Dean shoots that suggestion down, visibly upset that his candidate is being accused of something he obviously finds reprehensible. He forcefully assures the viewers that Hillary Clinton would never do something like that…

So the ensuing result is of course him looking like an idiot when its revealed the 7 or 8 schools she spoke to for well over a million dollars. Unfortunately that is all you get because he doesn’t do what a normal human being would do and show shock or disappointment. Instead he jokes it off. Something he just found appalling a few minutes before is now laugh worthy.

Not many progressives have fallen as much as Howard Dean. From lobbying to this pathetic display of hypocrisy, Howard Dean obviously now puts the people on the bottom rung as he went from sounding rational in his clear disbelief that somebody would bilk college students, to a blithering idiot defending what he just made clear was the indefensible. I am guessing he wants an ambassadorship.


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