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The Ruling Class Attemps to Keep Their Brutal Chokehold on Essential Workers is Failing.

A year ago, from the protected confines of their gated mansions, the wealthy found themselves cheering on essential heroes, the people they had previously...

Joe Biden & the Democrats’ Infrastructure Plan is a Cynical Play

I know the corporate media is cheering the recently revealed infrastructure plan by the Democrats as progressive as landmark and transformative, but it is...

Mainstream Media, Politicians and Corporate America are to Blame for not Reaching Herd Immunity,...

You often hear the media and politicians talk in puzzled bewilderment at how come so many people became anti vaxxers in this country and...

Be Careful Who You Choose to Follow. The Sad Reality of Reality Winner.

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, Peter Buxton and all whistleblowers are on the right side of history as far as I am concerned....

How Dumb Are Our Media Health “Experts”?

How is it the corporate media and the people in charge are the only ones who don’t get that the people who refuse to...
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