As Joe Biden would say, here is the deal, man. The reason why restaurants and shops are still empty and nobody wants to go back to work is because the vaccinated don’t trust the unvaccinated, for good reason. These are the same people who haven’t worn a mask or social distanced from the very beginning but… now they are going to? Despite what you might think of the average intelligence of your fellow man, trust me, they get this one. Everybody does.

Fully vaccinated people are the ones who have taken this seriously from the beginning and have learned to stay home. The majority of the people who won’t get vaccinated are the same ones who never shut down to begin with. The message that business gets from corporate news is that people want the mask off when that couldn’t be more wrong. Only the people who never wore a mask just wants the rest of us to take ours off. That is who this is pandering to. The vaccintated want the pandemic to actually end by reaching herd immunity, and then we take it off.

What the CDC did by removing the mask requirement, with no proof of vaccination, was saying they are moving on. Herd immunity will not be reached. You will need yearly shots for probably the rest of your lives, but the young kids today, and the unborn will be exposed to it so early that it will be just another flu for them as they get older. I’ve mentioned before that if Joe Biden wanted herd immunity he would offer cash. It would work, but his business overlords, who are proud to admit on tv that they pay less than welfare, are already crying about having to raise their starvation wages.

So this is our future. Some say vaccine passports, but I can’t imagine those working. Opens up a Pandora’s box of problems and logistics. Who wants to take a job checking them? All I know is the honor code isn’t going to get the vaccinated back in the stores or workforce either. I am fully vaccinated and I went to a restaurant and none of the staff was wearing a mask. It was completely empty. The entire time. We stayed because we felt bad for the staff having no business, but honestly, I wouldn’t go back to a place that isn’t taking Covid seriously. If they can assure me their staff is vaccinated, I’m fine with it. Until then, I will pass.

That is the great divide. The people who don’t want the vaccine say my body, my choice, but then don’t extend that choice to the vaccinated who choose not to expose themselves to the risk the unvaccinated are taking. On the flip side, the vaccinated are being way too simplistic to act like forcing people to take a vaccine or creating an apartheid state is going to work. It just won’t.

The sad reality is we are stuck, and just like so many other issues, Joe Biden isn’t the guy to fix it. All of his solutions come from an era that caused all the problems we are facing. Let’s be honest, Joe Biden caused most of these problems. The literal divide in this country comes from the Clinton and Biden Democrats allowing corporations to consolidate all the media. Now we expect Joe Biden to fix this? Come on, man.

The economy will lag along, the jobs will still stay low because the vaccinated have gotten used to hunkering down. The CDC is just trying to force us to accept herd immunity is never coming. I have zero doubt at some point most of us will have to accept that fact and the world will move on as close to normal as we can. Masks will probably linger year round, pick up in the winter, but Covid clearly isn’t going away. We will just get used to the yearly boosters and needless deaths and hope the selfishness of the unvaccinated doesn’t cause a vaccine immune strain that starts this all over.

In the near term I wouldn’t expect the vaccinated to be stimulating the local economy the way the CDC and Democrats believe they will. The Democrats and big business essentially gave control of the pandemic to the people who refuse to get a vaccine or even wear a mask and they expect us to be ok with that. Good luck. You will need it.


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