With the latest CDC announcement on mask wearing going to the honor system it officially marks my long predicted surrender by Democrats on reaching herd immunity without really trying to get there. The Democrats might not be saying it right now, but make no mistake that they are admitting we are going to just have to live with Covid & booster shots for generations until humans finally are immune enough that it becomes another flu.

I always said the Democrats would give us one check, a chance at taking a vaccine and that was it. Go back to work. I will never understand how people let the media and a warm smile trick them into thinking somebody like Joe Biden would do the right thing when facts clearly show otherwise. Obviously I had hoped, like everyone, that the Democrats would have handled the pandemic with some type of compassion or competence, but the facts speak for themselves. No, this isn’t a defense of Republicans who were also awful, but that is exactly what you would expect. Democrats said they would be better and they were the same or worse in all instances.

From the moment Joe Biden won the election the Democrats from have been moving to end Covid restrictions completely. Biden wanted to open schools before the vaccine was even distributed, before he was even in office so his billionaire donors would have their cheap labor to exploit again.

Remember all the op-eds and news segments about childhood depression seemingly out of nowhere and suddenly it was MANDATORY to get those schools open? Trump and the Republicans could have never done this without the media’s backing. They tried and failed. Democrats get in power and all of the sudden the media is covering nothing but teenager angst stories 24/7. The truth is the business owners need the parents back at work and that is why they are so adamant to open schools before teachers had vaccinations.

I realize by now my messages are probably filled with hate mail from all the MSNBC and CNN viewers who are hyperventilating about the vaccine rollout. Ok, lets discuss it. I’m assuming you want to give Biden credit for the awful vaccine rollout that had no national system to make it work and would have been identical under Trump? Had Trump won reelection and not spent his last two months singularly focused on trying to overturn the election I have no doubt, just like Joe Biden’s rollout it would have been equally slow, disorganized and without any plan at all to get the hesitant vaccinated (or even understanding why there would be so many hesitant). If you wanted the vaccine, you had to search, call around, wait until you could hopefully find it.

As for the people who haven’t gotten one and have no intention? The Biden administration has no plan, nor interest it appears, to reach them. If you consume corporate news, I’m sure you think this has been tremendous, but anyone who is being honest knows this was a failed, convoluted rollout that didn’t get enough people vaccinated and probably made people more scared about the vaccine than they originally were by featuring creepy, megalomaniac, perverts like Bill Gates to promote it, instead of doing simple incentives that would have worked.

Had Joe Biden and the Democrats truly cared about herd immunity, and not forcing people back to work for as cheap as possible, he would have done a cash incentive. What is happening in Ohio is a gimmick, but it is better than nothing. It will absolutely move the needle, no pun intended. I had someone ask me if you needed to be an Ohio resident because he and his wife might get one there if not. Had Biden and the Democrats gave everyone who got vaccinated the remaining $600 they stiffed us on we would be at herd immunity by now, or at least by 4th of July. Or imagine the lines if 100 people in each state got 1 million dollars during live drawings? That would cost 5 billion dollars, which would be a rounding error in the relief bill and half of what they spent on vaccine distribution and promotion, but magnitudes more effective. Clearly there are easy incentives to get people lined up around buildings for vaccines, but not ways to funnel billions of kickbacks to their corporate donors, while also keeping the labor force poor and willing to be exploited.

Now we are just going to pretend like everything is back to normal by the 4th of July. Just like the CDC and Democrats are going to pretend that unvaccinated people will follow the honor code since they are such upstanding people who care about others. The Blue MAGA voters and media will initially protest but realize that the Democrats don’t care at all about their opinions and quickly fall in line. Soon they will profess the great Joe Biden, after slaying fascism just months before, has now defeated Covid, even as neither shows any signs of going away. 

Had the Democrats had complete power from the beginning of the pandemic back when Cuomo, Pelosi and Democrats were telling everyone to go shop, dine out and support local businesses we wouldn’t have even had a shutdown or stimulus. This has always been their corporate aligned mindset since Bill Clinton. Only when the Republicans outflanked them on humanity did they realize politically they had to pretend to be the party of science and outflank the Republicans for election purposes as it became clear that the public was not with the Pelosi/Cuomo “keep shopping, but safely” message.

Even with that, as a party they didn’t put up a fight for any stimulus as the 2020 Covid summer rolled on. The Democrats simply got lucky they were going up against the biggest imbecile of all time in Donald Trump. How easy Trump would have won reelection in a landslide by just paying everyone 2k a month for 3 or 4 months, reopening in the fall and handled it like a sane person, but instead he went full on Q/anti-masker and of course he lost. Democrats simply got lucky that Covid hit when it did. Democrats were always against the shutdown and stimulus checks, but they switched their messaging for political reasons. They never really believed it, but rode it to victory and that is why we are here now.  

Thanks to this insane decision the CDC has basically guaranteed that the people wearing masks this summer will be vaccinated and the people not wearing masks are most likely not vaccinated. Completely upside down, but when you live in a greed driven society, that is the obvious outcome. Even the Biden loving New York Times claims this decision is against the wishes of a vast majority of experts. My guess is none of those experts ran a Fortune 500 business, and those are the only experts the Democrats listen to or care about.

The “relief” package was more relief for special interests and business, but not so much for anyone else. Do you think the Democrats gave us less money than the Republicans because they wanted us to stay safe at home? How much of that relief went to you and how much went to special interests? Remember “immediately getting those checks out the door” turned into months? Despite what ridiculous stuff Democrats will tell you, those could have been cut in a week. The idea was always to delay it as long as possible so the vaccine would be rolling out so then they would only have to give us one check before they told the CDC to open it all back up. Masks off literally and figuratively for the Democrats. I remember people incredulously telling me that we could push Biden to do monthly checks and that I was being pessimistic… No, I was just being realistic. It is amazing what some will believe when 70 years of history is staring them in the face.

I maintained from the beginning had Covid happened under a Democratic administration, it would have been lots of masks, hand sanitizers, and possibly a ban on mass gatherings. Work and school, however, would have never, ever, ever been halted under the Democrats. That is the best case scenario. They probably wouldn’t have recommended suspending mass gatherings if we are being honest.

Hard to argue that when the CDC director is conceding their new rule are dangerous for millions of people, but just consult your doctor, not realizing or caring that their doctor has no idea about this disease or vaccine either and are using the CDC guidelines also. Essentially they are just being sacrificed to their corporate donors. The Democrats would have pushed on with the “keep shopping, but safely”, messaging Pelosi and Cuomo were using last March. Don’t kid yourself. Just like in 2009, the bailout would have been 100% for Wall St, instead of 95% for Wall St that the Republicans did, where they gave us scraps, forcing the Democrats to meagerly cut us a check too when they got in power.

Watching the CDC being yanked around like a puppet is tragic and downright ominous for the future of society. It really can’t be understated. If the people who actually believe in science now don’t trust the CDC now we are in deep trouble trying to get out of this pandemic. One of the very last institutions that the American people had trust in has now been poisoned by the psychotic, greedy billionaire class and the corrupt politicians who represent them.

People aren’t stupid. We all know the CDC is wrong on common sense even if the science is supposedly there, which is dubious too. The people who aren’t getting the vaccine, were never wearing a mask and they aren’t going to start now. If I felt everybody at a concert or sporting event or restaurant was vaccinated, I would go, but I know they aren’t so I won’t go. This is why you were expecting a ridiculous 1 million jobs when the fully vaccinated rate is around 40% right now. How out of touch are these people to think everyone is so desperate to die for some greedy billionaire’s quarterly profit with 60% of the population umasked and unvaccinated? The pandemic is still mutating and killing. You have too many people who will not get vaccinated, not to mention all children who can’t, which is going to continue to paralyze the economy.

Like all things our incompetent leaders do, this will also backfire. These comments about winning the war on Covid are going to be relived for decades, like Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. I promise, Covid isn’t going anywhere. You know that too, despite what the media and Democrats are desperately trying to sell you. They just want to open up the economy, no matter what and give a phony apology later where they will no doubt blame the Republicans and Russia for contributing to their gross malpractice of how they botched Covid. Just like they continue to blame the GOP for their 2009 Wall St bailout or why we still don’t have the 13 year promised public option.

I wish I could say I was surprised by how the Democrats have basically said “here is your vaccine, now we are open” but I’m not. This is the kind of behavior that will explode the virus, stall the economy and get a real fascist elected in 2024. The Democrats gave us Trump by ignoring our pleas inn 2009 and they clearly haven’t learned a thing or they just don’t care. Big business is driving their party, demands or reality be damned.


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