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My Take–Where the Sanders Campaign Stands as the Dust Clears on Wednesday March 2

In my dream scenario, Bernie would have won Massachusetts and gotten 40 percent in Texas.

He got everything else. The tally? Four decisive victories, three in states the Democrats must win in November. A near-victory in Massachusetts. All the other losses in Republican southern states with extremely low turnouts dominated by elderly voters, states that no Democrat has a prayer of winning in November.

Toss out the superdelegates in all those lists the corporate news media/NPR use to show how far ahead Hillary is. If Bernie wins the elected delegates race, the superdelegates will switch or they will destroy the Democratic party and many will lose their own jobs. That will not happen. It is extraordinarily bad terrible journalism for these hacks to present these superdelegates as solid Clinton votes. They are not solid Clinton votes unless Clinton wins the majority of elected delegates. This is simply a pure service by the corporate news media/NPR to the Clinton campaign and their goal of demoralizing and undermining the Sanders campaign. Shame on them. But no surprise.

This campaign is running against the establishment media and well as the establishment political machine and establishment politics. That makes the task much more difficult, but it underscores why it is so important.

In truth, we trail by just over 200 pledged delegates. That is very small potatoes, especially when you look at the schedule behind us and ahead of us. This race is just beginning.

We are through the worst of the schedule, by far. Super Tuesday was created as a southern firewall three or four decades ago to prevent a grassroots insurgent candidate from getting the nomination. It was thought that stacking the most conservative states in one massive group would kill off any threat to the status quo, and help big money southern white corporate democrats like Bill Clinton and Al Gore. (Barack Obama was not anticipated when Super Tuesday was created.)

Consider this: 15 states have voted. Seven of them are states Trump or the Republicans will almost certainly win in November, as they have won these states in every election this century and most elections since the end of southern apartheid. This is where all of Hillary’s current lead can be found—in states that will not vote Democratic.

South Carolina—Hillary blowout victory

Georgia—Hillary blowout victory

Alabama—Hillary blowout victory

Tennessee—Hillary blowout victory

Arkansas—Hillary blowout victory

Texas—Hillary blowout victory

Oklahoma—Bernie solid victory

Only two of these solidly Republican former Confederate states remain—Louisiana And Mississippi—and they are off the books by March 8.

Now look at the other eight states that have voted:

Iowa—virtual tie

New Hampshire—Bernie blowout victory

Nevada—Hillary narrow victory

Virginia—Hillary blowout victory

Colorado—Bernie blowout victory

Minnesota—Bernie blowout victory

Massachusetts—Hillary narrow victory

Vermont—Bernie blowout victory

The score:

4 Bernie blowout victories;

1 Hillary blowout victory;

2 Hillary narrow victories;

1 virtual tie

These are the results we should expect going forward. Bernie is very much alive, and then some. Now we can see why Hillary and the corporate news media are obsessed with knocking Bernie out right now. If he stays alive, the schedule turns in his favor. Especially after March 15.

The next two weeks are going to be a challenge. We need to do well in Kansas, Nebraska and Maine this weekend. Then Michigan. Then the big five on March 15 of Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida. The importance of holding our own in these six races cannot be exaggerated. If we can do that we will win. After that the schedule becomes very favorable. But have to make it to March 16 in one piece.

Bernie has to connect the dots between Hillary’s documented corruption and her actual policies on trade and the economy forcefully in Michigan and Ohio and Missouri. He has to take the battle to her and give up on the idea that the corporate news media will do any actual journalism. Make Hillary play more defense for her blood-soaked militaristic foreign policy record as Secretary of State. This isn’t negative campaigning. She has a record of lying to voters; there is no two ways about it. This is telling the truth.

Congratulations brothers and sisters. We made it through Super Tuesday. Hillary’s southern firewall could not overwhelm the immense popularity of Bernie in states that will actually be necessary for a Democratic victory in the fall. The Democratic machine held on in Massachusetts but was demolished in Minnesota. Go forward in strength. And donate as much as you can right now. We need to be able to GOTV and run ads in the March 15 states to be effective. The future is now.

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