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Jon Parker

Jon Parker

How the Insidious Corporate Media Buries the Issues

George Bush stole the election. Barack Obama wasn’t born in America. Donald Trump is a Russian plant. Notice a pattern? Keep in mind that over the last 5 months, mostly thanks to Wikileaks, we became aware of the following: Congress received monetary kickbacks from the taxpayer funded TARP bailout in proportion to what the banks received. The Chair of the FCC and the head of Homeland Securit...

Your Yearly Dose of Howard Dean Hypocrisy in just 3 minutes.

If the establishment ever wondered why we hate them so much, look no further than this gem from Howard Dean on Morning Joe. During a discussion on why Hillary Clinton isn’t connecting with college age students, Kristen Soltis Anderson opines that its the fact she is making money off of their tuition with her pay for play bribes, errr… I mean speeches she gave at colleges and universiti...

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